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More than just Water-Tightness: Requirements for Private Site Drainage Systems

Posted 25. August 2016
graphics of site drainage system

There are many water management and operational targets for wastewater systems which can be achieved only if private site drainage is included, as early as the conceptual planning stage concerning construction, operation and rehabilitation. This is legally supported by identical technical requirements for both private and public sewers in the German Water Management Act. Municipalities are therefore obliged to provide timely information and advice to site owners on both technical…

IKT International Masterclass “Sewers and Pipelines: Construction, Operation and Maintenance”

Posted 08. August 2016
Pipeline networks

Get the experts‘ overview of the major issues in sewerage and their technical background, refresh your existing knowledge, and get an update on international developments – at the IKT International Masterclass “Sewers and Pipelines: Construction, Operation and Maintenance”. The course is focussed on sewerage, however, it offers insights for other types of pipe networks as well.

Inspecting pressure sewer pipes: Potential, requirements and results

Posted 17. June 2016
pressure sewer pipe test rig

Pressure sewer pipes are well down a sewer operator’s list of their favourite parts of the network. Because there are no inspection or maintenance ports. Because the precise location of the pipe is often not known. Because numerous bends obstruct the flow. They can be found in practically all drain and sewer networks, but their characteristics and their special design confront sewer network operators with a real challenge when it…

Manhole Rehabilitation: Comparative testing of 13 different methods

Posted 14. June 2016
manholes in IKT's large-scale test facility

Can wastewater manholes be rehabilitated so that they remain permanently watertight? What are the benefits and the drawbacks of mortar coating, plastic coating and lining. What quality can be expected? This first comparative product test in this field gives you the answers!

IKT LinerReport 2015:
Slight disappointment on wall thickness

Posted 16. March 2016
wall thicknesses differ

IKT’s LinerReport ranks the performance of both CIPP contractors and individual lining systems. CIPP-liner samples from six countries were tested. Results are still at high level. Only wall thicknesses are more frequently below target. Most non-German companies also score well. The report includes Austrian, Czech, Dutch, German, Swiss and UK results.

Video: Webinar on IKT Research Activities 2015

Posted 08. February 2016

IKT’s Scientific Director Bert Bosseler invited network operators as well as contractors and other organisations to a webinar on current IKT activities on research, testing, education and networking. He highlighted IKT´s upcoming projects for 2016/2017, too.