IKT – Institute for Underground Infrastructure

New Heavy Rain Testing Facility: Environment Minister Hands over Funding Decision for More than 9 Million Euro

Posted 28. November 2018
Environment Minister Ursula Heinen-Esser presents the million-dollar funding decision

IKT is building a globally unique test facility for heavy rainfall and urban flooding. The project, which costs around 11 million euros, is funded from the EU’s and North Rhine-Westphalia’s joint Fund for Research Infrastructures. NRW Environment Minister Ursula Heinen-Esser now visited IKT and presented the million-dollar funding decision. Overall objective: Preventing flooding from local heavy rainfall and protecting people and buildings.

IKT Compare: Can Short Liners Repair House Connections?

Posted 31. October 2018
man in manhole installing short liner

Short liners are often the first choice for repairing local damage in house connections. But, can they deal with seriously damaged pipes? The results of the new IKT-Compare project “Short Liner for House Connections” are now available.

On the Starting Block: Major New IKT Product Test on “Liquid Soils”

Posted 22. May 2018
liquid soil being filled in trench

What can, and can’t liquid soils be used for? When is it feasible to use liquid soils? Which liquid-soil methodologies deliver convincing performance? How can you save money and time using liquid soils? All these issues will be investigated in IKT’s major new “Liquid soils” product test, which is now on the starting block. Interested wastewater network operators are invited to participate

IKT-LinerReport 2017: CIPP Liner Quality – The Need to Pass all Four Tests

Posted 20. March 2018
liner sample during three-point bending test

Too many liners still do not meet all four of the test criteria. They may pass individual criteria, but only those samples that pass all four can be considered really good. For the fourteenth year running, IKT ‑ Institute for Underground Infrastructure is pleased to present its annual LinerReport. This sets out the results from over 2,100 liner samples taken from rehabilitation sites for quality control purposes in 2017 and…

Invitation for IKT’s International Friends: Visit us in May!

Posted 19. March 2018
IKT's International Friends

For all of you who are coming over to Germany in May for IFAT 2018, the world’s largest trade fair on sewage, we are warmly inviting you to also use this opportunity to visit IKT on Friday, May 18 for our IKT International Day at our laboratory in Gelsenkirchen.

Large Diameter Pipes – Repair or Replace? Non-destructive Testing with the MAC System

Posted 01. December 2017
MAC system in pipe

Non-destructive testing in sewers using the MAC system provides dependable data for structural assessment and, where necessary, selection of a rehabilitation method. by Martin Liebscher, Mark Klameth, Stefan Bretz and Henning Winter There is a need for rehabilitation of large interceptor sewers for three reasons: hydraulic capacity, leak tightness and stability.