IKT – Institute for Underground Infrastructure

Project F237:
Optimising sewer cleaning

Posted 08. January 2014

The first phase of this project has examined the extent to which cleaning intervals can be extended, efficiency improved and savings generated, using synergies between the organisation of cleaning activities and modern technology. Field tests were undertaken at a Ruhr University Bochum sewer site and expert workshops and discussions with operators were organised at IKT. The influence of gradient, fluctuation in run-off, time of year, time of day and ingress…

Project F234:
Installation, operation and maintenance of central water-drainage systems

Posted 07. January 2014

Groundwater management in the Emscher region has increasingly gained in importance in recent years in view, in particular, of rises in the groundwater table caused by drain/sewer refurbishing projects and the influence of mining activities. Such rises in the groundwater table can result in widespread effects on structures and sites in the affected region, and thus harbour significant potentials for conflicts. It may therefore be necessary, depending on the local…

Project C347:
Root intrusion into waste-water sewers – passive preventative measures

Posted 06. January 2014

Measures to prevent root intrusion into waste-water conduits, drains/sewers and manholes are to be assessed and recommendations for action derived to assist engineering consultancies involved in the planning of networks. The IKT has researched the fundamental relationships between root growth and underground infrastructure in a number of research projects, and has been involved in the drafting of the (German-language) standard, “Trees, underground conduits and drains/sewers” (published in German as DWA…

Project F219:
Effects of sewer sealing on treatment plants and water balance

Posted 05. January 2014

The effects of high extraneous-water influxes on the following are to be investigated: waste-water treatment performance treatment-plant energy balance the burden on the water environment caused by combined sewer overflow systems The costs caused by extraneous water are to be compared against the costs for refurbishing of sewers and site-drainage pipes. The sustainability of the refurbishing materials and methods used are also to be examined. Possible problems for buildings and…

Project F212:
Root-proof pipe bedding systems

Posted 04. January 2014

A test system was created within the framework of Sub-Project I, “Planting of large trees with an underground test system (root trenches) in Osnabrück”, in order to investigate various bedding materials for their effects on the regeneration of tree roots. Sub-Project II is now pursuing two aims:

Project F208:
Performance analysis of combined sewage treatment plants

Posted 03. January 2014

What technologic equipment do storm-water tanks need to have when current and future requirements are taken into account? What evaluation methods are appropriate for the reliable assessment, using standardised criteria, of the performance of combined sewage treatment plants on the basis of operational data? The storm-water tanks in the German states of Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia will be categorised, to enable analysis of the performance of the tanks. A survey…