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IKT attends the China-Europe Trenchless Technology Conference

Posted 05. April 2024

IKT’s Managing Director, Roland W. Waniek, and Scientific Director, Prof. Dr. Bert Bosseler, have attended the “China-Europe Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless Technology” at the end of March 2024, where they presented the latest IKT research results on the subject of pipe liner quality. The event was organised by Prof. Dr. Jingguo Cao from the Tianjin University of Science and Technology.

CIPP quality: Lessons learned from 25 years of research and testing

Posted 22. November 2023

CIPP liner quality: What is the essence of two decades of IKT’s research? Prof. Dr. Bert Bosseler, our Scientific Director, and colleagues identify the key factors that are crucial for the quality of the world’s most popular rehabilitation process for sewer pipes, Cured-in-Place-Pipes (CIPP).

Withstanding the pressure: liners for pressure sewers put to the test

Posted 05. July 2023

Pressure sewer pipes like gravity sewers that are getting on in years need to be renovated. But, which methods are suitable? What are their strengths and weaknesses? The recent IKT comparative product test on pressure sewer liners provides answers. Pressure sewers are critical and sensitive elements of urban wastewater infrastructure. Many are ageing so sewer network owners are increasingly having to deal with their rehabilitation and there are different methods available on the market…

Become an IKT Certified Sewer and Pipe Expert (CSPE)!

Posted 13. March 2023

Are you looking for professional success as a sewer infrastructure engineer? There is a new opportunity now: through the Certified Sewer and Pipe Expert (CSPE) course. This is an online course produced by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Bosseler, one of Germany’s leading wastewater infrastructure experts. It is part of the training programme Certified Consultant “Construction and Rehabilitation of Sewer Systems”.

How testing CIPP liners helps sewer network owners protect their scarce money

Posted 09. May 2022

How can you as a sewer network operator be sure that your newly installed CIPP liner is of good quality? How sure can you be that it will actually last the promised 50+ years? How can you know whether you have received the promised quality for your good money? There is a reliable yet inexpensive way to find out.

Innovating Urban Drainage Systems together: Teaming up at Co-UDlabs Ideas Marketplace

Posted 11. January 2022
logo of the Co-UDlabs project

Interested in finding, exchanging, and improving ideas on innovative methods and technologies for sustainable urban drainage? Seeking alliances, synergies, and new partnerships? Then visit the Co-UDlabs Ideas Marketplace online and participate in Co-UDlabs’ Transnational Access call!