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CIPP quality: Lessons learned from 25 years of research and testing

Posted 22. November 2023

CIPP liner quality: What is the essence of two decades of IKT’s research? Prof. Dr. Bert Bosseler, our Scientific Director, and colleagues identify the key factors that are crucial for the quality of the world’s most popular rehabilitation process for sewer pipes, Cured-in-Place-Pipes (CIPP). Share and recommend

How testing CIPP liners helps sewer network owners protect their scarce money

Posted 09. May 2022

How can you as a sewer network operator be sure that your newly installed CIPP liner is of good quality? How sure can you be that it will actually last the promised 50+ years? How can you know whether you have received the promised quality for your good money? There is a reliable yet inexpensive way to find out. Share and recommend

IKT LinerReport 2015:
Slight disappointment on wall thickness

Posted 16. March 2016
wall thicknesses differ

IKT’s LinerReport ranks the performance of both CIPP contractors and individual lining systems. CIPP-liner samples from six countries were tested. Results are still at high level. Only wall thicknesses are more frequently below target. Most non-German companies also score well. The report includes Austrian, Czech, Dutch, German, Swiss and UK results. Share and recommend