IKT – Institute for Underground Infrastructure

Practical Research

Posted 15. January 2014

IKT investigates practical issues concerning the performance of underground infrastructure. Its client group consists primarily of operators of surface water and foul sewer networks as well as water and gas supply networks. The network operators define the topics for IKT’s research and monitor, and support the research. IKT develops project concepts, performs laboratory and in-situ tests, and prepares the written research reports. The topics include a diverse range of technical,…

About IKT

Posted 15. January 2014

IKT ‑ Institute for Underground Infrastructure is a neutral, independent non-profit institute, and works on solving practical and operational issues concerning underground sewers, pipes and other conduit engineering, its primary focus being on sewer systems. The institute conducts research projects, material testing, CIPP liner testing, consultations and seminars on the construction, operation and renovation of underground infrastructures. read more

Project F205:
Municipal PR activities on private waste-water systems

Posted 11. January 2014

In Phase 1 of this project for the Environment Ministry of the state of NRW, the tools and materials used to provide the public with information about private sewer pipes are to be refined. Various new mechanisms and tools are to be created or further developed for this purpose. In addition, an aid to decision making about the refurbishing of site drainage systems is to be developed to assist owners…

Comparative assessment of innovative inspection procedures and equipment for site drainage systems

Posted 10. January 2014

This research project involves the development of a test programme to comparatively test and evaluate the inspection procedures and equipment currently available for site drainage systems. Practical experience is to be gathered in pilot deployments in cooperation between the Meyer-Entsorgung disposal company and the City of Osnabrück. In addition, general recommendations for action to provide both the public and system operators with assistance prior to the actual inspection are to…

Project F238:
Infiltration tightness at materials changeover and transition points

Posted 09. January 2014

Comparative investigations performed at material changeover points are to be used to draft independent and impartial information on the infiltration tightness, installation and operational quality of repair procedures for sewer laterals. The refurbishing of such laterals is, in practice, frequently performed in conjunction with the refurbishing of main sewers, by means, for example, of CIPP liners, and this application is therefore of particular interest for comparative tests and analyses. Large-scale…

Project F237:
Optimising sewer cleaning

Posted 08. January 2014

The first phase of this project has examined the extent to which cleaning intervals can be extended, efficiency improved and savings generated, using synergies between the organisation of cleaning activities and modern technology. Field tests were undertaken at a Ruhr University Bochum sewer site and expert workshops and discussions with operators were organised at IKT. The influence of gradient, fluctuation in run-off, time of year, time of day and ingress…