IKT – Institute for Underground Infrastructure

International Research Project: IKT Tests Passive Root Protection Measures in a Globally Unique Experimental Setup

Posted 04. September 2019
Two men in front of information board cutting red rope

Sewers and tree roots—this gets the alarm bells ringing for pipe network operators, because with root ingress, for example into sewers is something they are struggling with almost daily. In other networks, such as district heating, gas or drinking water, the roots around pipes are more problematic, as they can transfer enormous loading during storms, for example. You don’t want roots in the pipe trench and especially within the pipes. …

IKT’s Roland W. Waniek Celebrates 20th Job Anniversary

Posted 08. January 2019
cake with decor 20 years at IKT congratulations

Today, Roland W. Waniek, Managing Director of IKT, celebrated his 20th job anniversary with IKT. He said: “These have been 20 exciting and intensive years. I would like to thank all employees and the Board Members for such good and successful collaboration over that time! And I look forward with confidence to the future.” Then he cut the cake.

New Heavy Rain Testing Facility: Environment Minister Hands over Funding Decision for More than 9 Million Euro

Posted 28. November 2018
Environment Minister Ursula Heinen-Esser presents the million-dollar funding decision

IKT is building a globally unique test facility for heavy rainfall and urban flooding. The project, which costs around 11 million euros, is funded from the EU’s and North Rhine-Westphalia’s joint Fund for Research Infrastructures. NRW Environment Minister Ursula Heinen-Esser now visited IKT and presented the million-dollar funding decision. Overall objective: Preventing flooding from local heavy rainfall and protecting people and buildings.

IKT Compare: Can Short Liners Repair House Connections?

Posted 31. October 2018
man in manhole installing short liner

Short liners are often the first choice for repairing local damage in house connections. But, can they deal with seriously damaged pipes? The results of the new IKT-Compare project “Short Liner for House Connections” are now available.

On the Starting Block: Major New IKT Product Test on “Liquid Soils”

Posted 22. May 2018
liquid soil being filled in trench

What can, and can’t liquid soils be used for? When is it feasible to use liquid soils? Which liquid-soil methodologies deliver convincing performance? How can you save money and time using liquid soils? All these issues will be investigated in IKT’s major new “Liquid soils” product test, which is now on the starting block. Interested wastewater network operators are invited to participate