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IKT-LinerReport 2016: Five Companies Qualify for the ‘100% Club’

Posted 02. March 2017
Three-point bending test

There were excellent CIPP liner results for the individual test criteria, but only one in four of the rehabilitation contractors succeeded in a 100% pass on all tests conducted on their samples. However, five years ago this figure was only one in five, so the overall trend is upward.

IKT Master Course “Sewers and Pipelines – Construction, Operation and Maintenance”

Posted 28. February 2017
Pipeline networks

This Master Course is for international specialists, product and service providers who want to refresh their knowledge. It uses core elements from a university master course by Professor Bert Bosseler, Scientific Director of IKT, supported by case studies from international standardization at CEN and ISO. You will have the opportunity to meet and network with attendees coming from all industry sectors: clients, contractors, designers, consultants, suppliers and manufacturers.

IKT and IRWA: Transatlantic Cooperation on Infrastructure

Posted 26. January 2017
IRWA delegation at IKT

The “I” in “IKT” doesn’t actually stand for “International”, but that’s not stopping anybody at the IKT from working with partners from around the world. One result of cooperation with the International Right of Way Association (IRWA), an e-learning opportunity can now be booked and accessed on-line.

IKT-tested: Adapter Ring Makes old Manholes HGV-proof

Posted 04. November 2016
Adapter ring on manhole cone

Sewer manholes in roads have a lot to put up with. They are exposed not only to vertical, but also to horizontal loads. For this reason, newer types of manhole cover are secured against lateral displacement. However, older types of manhole, with no such security, are still predominantly found in roads. For these, there is now an adapter ring available that is claimed to prevent displacement. IKT has tested this…

New Test System for Large Diameter Pipes – IKT Hands over a MAC System to Eau de Paris

Posted 30. September 2016
Hand-over of the MAC system

It was lucky that IKT scientist Stefan Bretz, B. Eng., was not required to sit still on this day – he would have been much too excited, because this was when he finally handed over to the customer the MAC system for testing the condition of large diameter pipes, which an IKT team has spent three years developing and several months building. And not to just any ordinary customer, but…

More than just Water-Tightness: Requirements for Private Site Drainage Systems

Posted 25. August 2016
graphics of site drainage system

There are many water management and operational targets for wastewater systems which can be achieved only if private site drainage is included, as early as the conceptual planning stage concerning construction, operation and rehabilitation. This is legally supported by identical technical requirements for both private and public sewers in the German Water Management Act. Municipalities are therefore obliged to provide timely information and advice to site owners on both technical…