IKT – Institute for Underground Infrastructure

IKT to take part in €4M Horizon 2020 project to build collaborative Urban Drainage research labs communities

Posted 10. August 2021
logo of the Co-UDlabs project

IKT is taking part in a new 4 million euro Horizon 2020 project that aims to integrate research and innovation activities in the field of Urban Drainage Systems (UDS) to address pressing public health, flood risks and environmental challenges. The EU’s Urban Drainage Systems (UDS) have been valued at €2.5 trillion. They are essential infrastructures providing safe sanitation and drainage and environmental protection by collecting and then returning securely to…

Rainwater treatment: IKT can now also test systems according to a US regulation

Posted 20. April 2021
Testing of a rainwater treatment system according to NJDEP standard

For the first time, IKT’s Test Centre for Rainwater Treatment has tested a decentralised stormwater treatment system according to the US NJDEP standard. The treatment process of the Hydroshark system from 3P Technik Filtersysteme was evaluated in laboratory tests and its performance determined. Prior to this, the product had already been tested by the IKT test centre in accordance with the Trennerlass NRW (the surface water separation decree of the…

Online Seminar: The IKT LinerReport 2020

Posted 24. March 2021
three point bending test on cipp liner sample

This year’s IKT LinerReport presents the results from the evaluation of installed CIPP gravity sewer liners based on the testing of 2,600 samples taken post-installation. Our free webinar marking the launch of the 17th annual review of the performance of CIPP sewer liners is presented by Roland Waniek and Barbara Grunewald, two of the authors, and an international perspective about the Liner Report will be provided by Dec Downey from…

IKT LinerReport 2020: CIPP liners meeting target values at six-year low

Posted 15. March 2021
test device in front of woman's face

For the 17th time, IKT presents its annual LinerReport. This LinerReport for 2020 considers the short-term test results from a total of 2,613 cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner samples. The overall test results for 2020 are the lowest in the past six years. One CIPP liner sample in eight did not achieve its expected target value for at least one test criterion.

Why have we made a bigger hole in the floor of our laboratory?

Posted 16. December 2020
blueprint drawing of large test facility für underground infrastructure

25 years ago, a hole was dug in the floor of our laboratory, this year we made it bigger – why, you may ask? Well, it’s because this Large (1:1 scale) Test Facility proved to be very adaptable for successfully comparing solutions to ageing sewer issues for sewer network owners. Extending it, as part of our current investment in improving existing facilities and construction of our new Heavy Rain Lab,…

Pressure Sewers: UK, Irish an Dutch Sewer Network Owners Undertaking Partner Projects Alongside Current IKT Project

Posted 10. December 2020
construction pit for installation of liner for pressure sewer

Around the world sewer network owners are struggling to address the options for replacement or rehabilitation of ageing pressure sewers. Often the preferred solution is to dig them up and replace them. Rehabilitation solutions using trenchless technology tend to be used only when it is too difficult to excavate, but sewer network owners are interested in using such technology more often. First, they need to fully understand it.