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Sewer Cleaning Vehicle Check

people in workwaer standing in front of sewer cleaning vehicle

Vehicle Check: a properly functioning cleaning vehicle for a pipe material-friendly, but efficient, cleaning

Unwanted pressure losses, poor pump performance, incorrect nozzle inserts – there are several reasons to thoroughly check the performance of sewer cleaning vehicles. For this purpose, IKT offers sewer companies and private service providers the “Vehicle Check for high-pressure flushing and suction vehicles” both in Gelsenkirchen and at the customer’s site.

Sewer cleaning is more than just pulling the nozzle through the pipe once or twice. If you take the matter seriously, there are many questions:

  • What jetting pressure is required at the nozzle?
  • Which cleaning parameters are necessary?
  • Which limit values have to be observed?
water spraying from pipe in front of three sewer cleaning vehicles

Check out the IKT Vehicle Check!

Live online video broadcast in English and German: High-pressure Flushing and Suction Vehicle Check for Sewer Cleaning

Tuesday, 9 June 2019, 10:30-12:00 Central European Time (09:30-11:00 BST)
Information and programme

To register please e-mail with your contact details to schlueter@ikt.institute!
You will receive the access link for the video broadcast after registration. The participation in the moderated online broadcast is free of charge.

And especially:

  • What do the vehicles really do?
  • Are the nozzles optimally adjusted with regard to pressure and flow rate?
  • Can pressure losses by minimised and how?

water spraying out of pipe

IKT Vehicle Check: determining pressure output at the nozzle

In practice, the cleaning parameters of high-pressure flushing and suction vehicles are often not known. Sewer cleaning can be optimised with the Vehicle Check for high-pressure flushing and suction vehicles.

Gaining knowledge through the Vehicle Check

We’ll check it out:

  • Checking the HP pump (target-actual pressure comparison)
  • Measurement of vehicle parameters with the IKT standard nozzle
  • Neutral control of the performance characteristics of HD nozzles (pressure at the nozzle)
  • Determination of nozzle characteristics (pressure at the vehicle to pressure at the nozzle)
  • Determination of the flushing jet power density based on DIN 19523

The advantages of the Vehicle Check are obvious: a properly functioning cleaning vehicle saves operating materials and enables pipe material-friendly, but efficient, cleaning.

green and red test seal with pictogramme of sewer cleaning vehicle

Seal of approval for the participants in the IKT Vehicle Check

On request, participants can receive the IKT seal of approval for “Gentle HD cleaning” after the Vehicle Check. It not only documents participation, but also the importance of sewer cleaning in a wastewater company, both internally and externally.

All sewage companies and private service providers are cordially invited to participate in the Vehicle Check. IKT repeatedly offers open appointments in Gelsenkirchen. We would also be happy to carry out the check at the customer’s site after making an individual appointment. You can find an overview of the dates here.

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