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IKT Compare: Can Short Liners Repair House Connections?

Posted 31. October 2018
man in manhole installing short liner

Short liners are often the first choice for repairing local damage in house connections. But, can they deal with seriously damaged pipes? The results of the new IKT-Compare project “Short Liner for House Connections” are now available.

Manhole Rehabilitation: Comparative testing of 13 different methods

Posted 14. June 2016
manholes in IKT's large-scale test facility

Can wastewater manholes be rehabilitated so that they remain permanently watertight? What are the benefits and the drawbacks of mortar coating, plastic coating and lining. What quality can be expected? This first comparative product test in this field gives you the answers!

Comparative assessment of innovative inspection procedures and equipment for site drainage systems

Posted 10. January 2014

This research project involves the development of a test programme to comparatively test and evaluate the inspection procedures and equipment currently available for site drainage systems. Practical experience is to be gathered in pilot deployments in cooperation between the Meyer-Entsorgung disposal company and the City of Osnabrück. In addition, general recommendations for action to provide both the public and system operators with assistance prior to the actual inspection are to…

IKT Comparative Test “Odour filters”

Posted 28. May 2010

In the summer months, in particular, odour emissions from sewers cause odour nuisances and thus higher levels of complaints from residents. Sewer-system operators are in general obliged to find a remedy for such problems. Odour filters installed in waste-water manholes are coming into increasing use. In addition, further products which release special active ingredients in the waste-water manhole shaft are also used. The aim of this Comparative Test was that…

IKT Comparative Test “Sewer lateral liners 2010”

Posted 15. May 2010

IKT has investigated the material quality and practical usability of CIPP liner products for sewer laterals in the context of an extensive programme of tests. Practically orientated tests performed in the test pipes at the IKT’s large-scale test facility were the focus of this programme. The IKT Comparative Test “Sewer lateral liners” provides drain/sewer operators with reliable and impartial information on the product properties of commercially available refurbishing procedures.

IKT Comparative Test
“Repair methods for main sewers”

Posted 23. August 2009

Many waste-water system operators are unsure of what can be achieved by main sewer repair methods and what quality is attainable. Twelve different techniques from the three groups of methods: “Injection/grouting + injection methods”, “Short-liners” and “Internal sleeves” have been comparatively tested under defined and replicable conditions using the IKT Comparative Test “Repair methods for main sewers”. The principal focus was the testing of the techniques in IKT test rigs…