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How IKT is Responding to the Coronavirus

Posted 20. March 2020

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IKT’s plan: Being there for customers despite coronavirus

In view of the progressive spread of the coronavirus, IKT has adopted its own preventive plan. The protection of the health and safety of our customers, employees and their families is our highest priority.

For this reason – as far as the activities allow – home working has been provisionally ordered until Easter. All IKT scientists and testing staff will remain fully available to customers and partners via e-mail and mobile phone.

Our regulations at a glance

  • Home working with secure availability via mobile phone and e-mail
  • Testing staff continue to work at the laboratory
  • Research and product testing continue
  • Long-term trials continue
  • KomNetABWASSER continues to support wastewater companies
  • Seminars cancelled until 30 April – some courses will be offered online

Testing operations continue

Woman in white smock with clipboard in a test laboratory

There for you: the IKT test centre for building products

One of the aims is to ensure that the IKT Construction Products Test Centre can continue to operate. There must be no delays on construction sites due to missing test results. “You are welcome to continue to commission us with your tests and send us liner samples”, says Dieter Homann, head of the test centre. “If you have any questions or uncertainties, please feel free to contact us at any time!”

Test centre for flow measurement

The testing laboratory for flow measurement is also continuing to work so that plant operators can meet the deadlines set by the authorities for the inspection of their plant. “In order to save you inconvenience, we will also come to you in the next few weeks for field work, if you allow us to”, reports test centre manager Marcel Goerke.

Research and product testing

We will also continue our research and product testing activities. In this way, we want to ensure that network operators can benefit from the results as soon as possible. “The long-term tests in the test hall are also continuing”, assures Serdar Ulutaş, Head of IKT-Compare.

Municipal Network for Sewage

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Municipal network: Marco Schlüter and his team will support the wastewater companies to the best of their ability.

In the coming weeks, KomNetABWASSER will continue to support the sewerage network operators to the best of its ability in carrying out their tasks. A strong community is especially important in such uncertain times. “Just now we can help each other in the network of the sewage companies. We are always available for sewage companies. In addition, we are now also setting up an online exchange of experience,” announces network manager Marco Schlüter. He also promises: “Today we have decided to support all wastewater companies – also beyond the KomNet – to the best of our ability in this difficult situation! What exactly this means will be communicated shortly.

Seminars initially cancelled until 30 April

All planned events will be postponed until after 30 April 2020 to prevent the virus from spreading in this way. The affected participants will be informed personally. “All registrations for cancelled events will be postponed free of charge to the next date in autumn,” promises Dr. Sissis Kamarianakis, Head of IKT Further Training, and adds: “Provided, of course, that the situation has calmed down considerably by then. The Training Team is currently working flat out to offer certain content online. The first offers will be available shortly.”

Business trips and external appointments

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IKT Managing Director Dipl.-Ök. Roland W. Waniek: “We are aware of our responsibility for the health of our customers and employees.

“Business trips and external appointments are reduced to the absolutely necessary minimum”, says managing director Dipl.-Ök. Roland W. Waniek. Whenever possible, telephone conferences and web meetings are offered. In any case, on-site appointments will only be made with the express consent of the customer. If meetings with our employees are absolutely necessary, you can be sure that all necessary hygiene and precautionary measures are taken to avoid endangering your health.

Girls’ Day at IKT cancelled

IKT has set up three places for the nationwide Girls’ Day 2020, where schoolgirls can get a taste of professions that are still dominated by men, and registrations have already been received for these places. Due to the current situation, this year’s Girls’ Day has been cancelled. Should there be a catch-up date, our offer to the three girls is of course still open. Apart from that, there will be opportunities for internships again in the post-corona period – and of course for boys as well.


We will be happy to continue to be your contact point for all questions concerning pipeline-related infrastructure and will therefore make every effort to remain as accessible as possible to you even in the crisis. In the event of complications that may nevertheless arise, we ask for your indulgence. The landline numbers of the home office staff are redirected to their business mobile numbers. And of course we can all still be reached by e-mail.

We will continue to monitor developments closely and will inform you in good time of any changes in plans and how things will continue in IKT after Easter.

Stay up to date with IKT

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Marcel Goerke (l.) and Marco Schlüter keeping clients informed about coronavirus in a webmeeting.

IKT recently discussed the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic for wastewater disposal with the members of the KomNetABWASSER (Municipal Wastewater Network) in a working session. Read more here.

Members of IKT’s associations were also informed in a web meeting about the current status of operations and occupational health and safety.

And we have compiled a list of links with further information about Coronavirus in sewers from various countries, which is constantly updated.

We thank you for your loyalty, trust and patience (which we hope not to overstretch). We believe that we are well prepared for the coming weeks and will continue to do everything we can to maintain our usual service even in these difficult times.

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