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Slides now Available: Sewer Operation in Current Crisis, 17th April

Posted 20. April 2020

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Sewer network operation during corona crisis: KomNet and IKT held a web meeting

On 17th April 2020 IKT/ComNet WasteWater held a webinar to examine how sewer network operation is continuing during the fight against the coronavirus. Now the slides of the presentaitons are available for download.

It was the second of a series of webinars we are holding following the decision of the Kommunales Netzwerk Abwasser (KomNetABWASSER), which comprises 60 German and Dutch sewer network owners, to support all sewer network operators to the best of their ability in the current crisis. A hotline has been set up and a series of web conferences held for German, and English speakers to exchange information and network.

International Webinar ‘Coronavirus and Sewer Operation’

blue and grey on white logo of ComNet WWThis webinar summarised the current experience in continuing to operate sewers in Germany, Belgium, UK, and The Netherlands with speakers from sewer network owners and associations.


  1. Summary of online information available internationally – Iain Naismith, Senior Research Associate @ IKT
  2. Experience from UK – Tony Griffiths, Drainage and Strategy Planning Manager @ United Utilities
  3. Experience from Flemish Region, Belgium – Wendy Francken, Director @ VLARIO
  4. Experience from The Netherlands – Hugo Gastkemper, Managing Director @ STICHTING RIONED
  5. Experience from Germany – Bert Bosseler, Scientific Director @ IKT/KomNetAbwasser & Sebastian Beck, Operations Manager @ Eigenbetrieb Abwasser, City of Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Previous English language Webinar

two men in front of screen

Keeping you informed about coronavirus

On 25th March we held our first English language webinar on ‘Coronavirus and Sewer Operation’. This summarised the current guidance and approach to sewer operation in Germany and considered the advice available online in other countries.

view the slides of our first English language webinar on ‘Coronavirus and Sewer Operation’ (PDF)

download the presentation shown at the second event (PDF)

Organising exchanges

We invited all interested wastewater network operators to a first web telephone conference to announce the start of the initiative. “We want to exchange views on which organisational measures need to be taken and which tips and ideas are available in the network”, says Marco Schlüter, director of the KomNet.

New hotline for network operators

Man with headset looks into the camera

New hotline: KomNet director Marco Schlüter is providing all the support he can in this crisis.

In addition, KomNet has set up a hotline which is available immediately. You can reach us at any time on the number +49 177 2801198. Ask us all your questions or give us tasks on all topics that concern you – even outside of Corona.

Contact persons

Dr. Iain Naismith
at our UK office
Phone: +44 7983 605219
E-mail: naismith@ikt.institute

Marco Schlüter
German office
Phone: +49 209 17806-31
E-mail: schlueter@ikt.institute
Hotline for network operators: +49 177 2801198

International Roundup: Advice on Coronavirus and Sewer Network Operation

We are keeping you updated with information from various countries concerning the effects of the Coronavirus on sewer and wastewater treatment operations.
to the list with international links we have identified so far listed by country



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