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Innovating Urban Drainage Systems together: Teaming up at Co-UDlabs Ideas Marketplace

Posted 11. January 2022

logo of the Co-UDlabs projectInterested in finding, exchanging, and improving ideas on innovative methods and technologies for sustainable urban drainage? Seeking alliances, synergies, and new partnerships? Then visit the Co-UDlabs Ideas Marketplace online and participate in Co-UDlabs’ Transnational Access call!

Co-UDlabs (Collaborative Urban Drainage Research Labs – one of which is IKT) offers free-of-charge Transnational Access (TA) to its 17-facility research infrastructure. A global call for TA is now open until January 31, 2022. All information about the TA call, including all documentation required to submit a proposal, can be found in the TA call hub.

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace webpage is set out to work as a living, changing ‘message board’ in which the people of the community can exchange propositions, ideas, contacts, methods, and plans. Following a recent Hackathon, Co-UDlabs has already collected some early conversations and presentations in the Co-UDlabs Ideas Marketplace. You are free to share your idea and team up with other users!

You can browse the ideas that are currently available on the Marketplace and the information about their authors and their affiliation. Interested users can also submit their pitch and a few details. This way Co-UDlabs can update the ‘board’ and facilitate some match-making. You can also share any idea or proposal which you would like to show on the Marketplace. If you want you can discuss your idea with the Research Facilities providers and look for support to improve a TA proposal.

What does Co-UDlabs do?

map of Co-UDlabs partners

Across borders: research institutions from Europe network their laboratories.

The overall aim of Co-UDlabs project is integrate research and innovation activities in the field of Urban Drainage Systems (UDS) to address pressing public health, flood risks and environmental challenges. Co-UDlabs aims to integrate 17 key large scale research facilities at a European scale into an ambitious project aiming to offer the R&D community, water infrastructure operators and their supply chain high quality laboratory and field facilities, human resources, high level training opportunities and improved data sharing platforms in order to meet major UDS related societal, environmental, and economic sustainability challenges of the 21st Century. The main objective of Co-UDlabs is to provide a transnational multidisciplinary collaborative research infrastructure that will allow stakeholders, academic researchers and innovators in the urban drainage water sector to come together, share ideas, co-produce project concepts and then benefit from access to top-class research infrastructures to develop, improve and demonstrate those concepts.

Building a collaborative European Urban Drainage innovation community!
The Co-Udlabs project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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