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IKT LinerReport 2014: Use of CIPP liners expanding in Europe

Posted 25. March 2015

Three-point bending test on a CIPP liner

Three-point bending test on a CIPP liner

Liner quality continues to be high. Slight improvements over last year. CIPP lining gaining in importance in Europe, accompanied by increasing quality awareness. Liner Report 2014 includes Dutch, Austrian and Swiss results.

IKT is pleased to present its LinerReport, for the eleventh year. This report is based on nearly 1,800 CIPP-liner samples taken for Quality Control purposes at installation sites and tested by the IKT Test Centre for CIPP liners during 2014.

A market trend is becoming apparent showing the use of CIPP lining expanding in Europe. Although Germany remains the largest market for this method, it is gaining significantly in popularity in other western European countries. This is reflected in this LinerReport with nearly 30% of the site samples tested originating from outside Germany, compared with less than 15% last year.

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