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Pressure Sewers: UK, Irish an Dutch Sewer Network Owners Undertaking Partner Projects Alongside Current IKT Project

Posted 10. December 2020

construction pit for installation of liner for pressure sewer

IKT Compare: testing lining systems for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure sewers

Around the world sewer network owners are struggling to address the options for replacement or rehabilitation of ageing pressure sewers. Often the preferred solution is to dig them up and replace them. Rehabilitation solutions using trenchless technology tend to be used only when it is too difficult to excavate, but sewer network owners are interested in using such technology more often. First, they need to fully understand it.

Lining in Large Diameter Pipes

IKT offered sewer network owners in other countries the opportunity to create partner projects alongside its current 2-year comparative evaluation of pressure sewer rehabilitation technologies and a group of seven UK and Irish sewer network owners are participating. They are being kept up to date with progress on the main project here in Gelsenkirchen and are able to contribute ideas and comments about the pressure sewer damage scenarios and test rig development. However, the Partner Project has some additional objectives of its own, which will also make useful contributions to the overall study of rising main rehabilitation. These include understanding how lining can be used in larger diameter pipes, new techniques for access, survey and cleaning, and considering how pressure sewers can be designed in future so that it will be easier to repair and rehabilitate them.

Another partner project is being undertaken with the City of Arnhem, The Netherlands, to examine pressure sewer inspection techniques.

IKT research projects are always made publicly available, so at the end of the research, having this partner project will ensure that the outputs are translated into English and so made available to a wide international audience.

Read more about the current IKT Compare of lining systems for pressure sewers (in English)


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