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Training: Sewer and Pipeline Engineering (SPE)

Posted 12. May 2021

Sewer construction site with excavator

Sewer and pipeline construction: The current state of science and technology in this certificate course

Do it right first time and then have peace of mind – that means applying knowledge and quality control in sewer and pipeline construction and rehabilitation. IKT’s Scientific Director Prof Bert Bosseler shares the current state of science and technology on the topic of sewer and pipeline construction in this certificate course, providing comprehensive training at university level.

The course comprises approximately 6 hours of online lectures, plus study materials, resulting in a total study effort of about 60 hours. Your successful completion of the course and understanding of the subject can be verified by an optional oral online exam of 30 minutes duration. A candidate can then receive a certificate from IKT (which is an affiliated institute of the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany) signed by Prof. Bert Bosseler, who holds the venia legendi authorisation to lecture in underground sewer and pipeline engineering at German universities.

Sewer and Pipeline Engineering (SPE)
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What to expect

The course content includes the following modules:

  • Introduction
  • Open cut construction practice
  • Structural performance of pipes (open-cut method)
  • Soil and components: Flowable back-fill material
  • Soil and components: Reinforced-concrete pipes
  • Soil and components: Flexible pipes / Plastic pipes
  • Trenchless construction – Overview
  • Trenchless construction – Pipe jacking
  • Rehabilitation – Objectives and tasks
  • Rehabilitation – Replacement
  • Rehabilitation – Repair
  • Rehabilitation – Renovation
  • Structural integrity of liners
  • Bonding and surface preparation
  • Service-life of sewers and pipelines
  • Water tightness testing of sewers and pipelines
  • Root resistance of sewers and pipelines
  • Heavy rainfall events
Course Director

portrait of Bert BosselerProf. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bert Bosseler has been Scientific Director of IKT – Institute for Underground Infra­structure for 20 years. He is a visiting lecturer at Leibniz University, Hanover (on underground sewer and pipeline construction) and at the Ruhr University, Bochum (on pipeline maintenance and network management).

His National and international committee work covers:

  • ISO TC 224 – Service activities relating to drinking water supply systems and wastewater systems
  • ISO TC 224 /WG11 – Stormwater management
  • ISO TC 224 /WG15 – Smart water
  • ISO TC 224 /WG16 – Climate change
  • ISO 268/SC1 – Smart community infrastructures
  • ISO 268/SC1/WG6 – Disaster risk reduction
  • CEN TC 165 – Wastewater engineering

Study materials

Professor Bosseler‘s video lectures for all modules are complemented by the following downloadable documents:

  • The course textbook
  • The slides of all video lectures
  • A verbatim transcript of all video lectures

In addition, following registration, it is possible during all phases of the course to contact Professor Bosseler directly and arrange individual meetings as a video conference to clarify open questions.

Quality pays off

Quality in pipeline construction pays off. Because if you do it right first time, you should not have to worry about it again. At the earliest, your successor will have to do it again at the end of the pipeline’s planned lifetime.

Sewer and Pipeline Engineering (SPE)
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