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IKT test centres reaccredited

Posted 12. November 2014

IKT's test centre for building products in Gelsenkirchen as been reaccredited.

IKT’s test centre for building products in Gelsenkirchen has been reaccredited.

Following the new provisions concerning accreditation in Germany, IKT has now had its building-product test centre in Gelsenkirchen reaccredited, and that in Arnhem (Netherlands) accredited for the first time. The IKT test centres have thus given unequivocal proof of their competence, as is documented under DAkkS (German National Accreditation Body) accreditation number D-PL-18196-01-00.

CIPP liner testing – and more!

The IKT provides quality-assuring, practically orientated product and system tests, plus on-site supervision services, for system operators. Testing of samples of CIPP liners accounts for a large proportion of the institute’s work. The accredited building-product testing, auditing and certification centres operated by the IKT and IKT Nederland in this field perform, inter alia, the following tests:

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