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Manhole Rehabilitation: Comparative testing of 13 different methods

Posted 14. June 2016

manholes in IKT's large-scale test facility

On-site installation conditions simulated in IKT’s large-scale test facility

Can wastewater manholes be rehabilitated so that they remain permanently watertight? What are the benefits and the drawbacks of mortar coating, plastic coating and lining. What quality can be expected? This first comparative product test in this field gives you the answers!

“Now for the manholes” – this is a train of thought in the repair/rehabilitation departments of many wastewater network operators. There is, indeed, little point in rehabilitating wastewater pipes without paying attention to the numerous defective manholes. This is particularly true in water infiltration zones, since a really watertight sewer network can only be achieved provided the manholes are also rehabilitated.

Under test: thirteen manhole rehabilitation methods

Which of the many manhole rehabilitation methods should we choose? Which one will seal reliably and durably? Which is suitable in which situation, and which are not suitable? Thirteen commercially available methods have now been analysed in IKT‘s “Manhole Rehabilitation” Comparative Test. The results range from GOOD to ADEQUATE, with one method failing the test.

Comparative Test: Manhole Rehabilitation

Read the whole article with all test results (PDF, 10 pages)


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