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IKT Comparative Test
“Repair methods for main sewers”

Posted 23. August 2009

Layout of the test lengths: Pipes with built-in faults

Layout of the test lengths: Pipes with built-in faults

Many waste-water system operators are unsure of what can be achieved by main sewer repair methods and what quality is attainable. Twelve different techniques from the three groups of methods: “Injection/grouting + injection methods”, “Short-liners” and “Internal sleeves” have been comparatively tested under defined and replicable conditions using the IKT Comparative Test “Repair methods for main sewers”. The principal focus was the testing of the techniques in IKT test rigs under conditions approximating to actual practice. The IKT Comparative Test provides reliable and impartial information on the quality of the techniques tested and statements concerning the general suitability of the individual techniques and method groups


IKT Comparative Test “Repair methods for main sewers (DN 200 – DN 600)”


(German versions only)
Table of results
Test Report (155 pages)
Short report (30 pages)
Test Report “Validation of the adhesion properties of short-liners on variously pre-treated substrate surfaces and the use of selected repair methods under external water pressure” (99 pages)


  • Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Environment ministry of the State of Baden-Württemberg
  • City of Dortmund waste-water utility
  • City of Willich waste-water utility
  • Troisdorf waste-water utility
  • Bergisch Gladbach waste-water utility
  • City of Bad Honnef waste-water utility
  • Castrop-Rauxel EUV municipal utility
  • Göttingen disposal utility
  • InfraStruktur Neuss
  • Munich urban drainage utility
  • City of Herford
  • City of Iserlohn
  • City of Oberhausen and WBO Wirtschaftsbetriebe Oberhausen GmbH (municipal utility)
  • City of Plettenberg
  • Düsseldorf urban drainage utility
  • Frankfurt am Main urban drainage utility
  • Hagen drainage utility (SEH)
  • Kamen urban drainage utility
  • Reutlingen urban drainage utility (SER)
  • Cologne urban drainage utilities
  • Minden municipal utilities
  • Espelkamp municipal utilities
  • Stadtwerke Essen AG municipal utility
  • Vellmar municipal utilities
  • Burscheid municipal technical utilities
  • Technische Werke Emmerich am Rhein GmbH municipal technical utilities
  • City of Marl central municipal utility


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