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IKT International Masterclass “Sewers and Pipelines: Construction, Operation and Maintenance”

Posted 08. August 2016

Pipeline networks

International Masterclass Sewers and Pipelines

Get the experts‘ overview of the major issues in sewerage and their technical background, refresh your existing knowledge, and get an update on international developments – at the IKT International Masterclass “Sewers and Pipelines: Construction, Operation and Maintenance”. The course is focussed on sewerage, however, it offers insights for other types of pipe networks as well.

Knowledge on university level

This course uses core elements from university lectures and a master course held by Professor Bert Bosseler, Scientific Director of IKT, supported by case studies and research results from IKT colleagues and updates from experts from international standardization committees at CEN and ISO. Contents of this masterclass are part of the curriculum at the Ruhr-University Bochum and Leibniz University Hanover, both being leading universities for civil engineering in Germany.

NEW: IKT International Masterclass
“Sewers and Pipelines: Construction, Operation and Maintenance”

10-14 October 2016
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Discussing and networking on international level

web conference

Masterclass: Attend online via web conference or on site at IKT

You can attend the course on site at IKT in Gelsenkirchen, Germany or online via web conference. Online participants are given full access to all course contents and can communicate with speakers and other attendees during the course. You will have the opportunity to meet and network with experts from network operators, industry, science, research, and international standardization.

Key Subjects:

  • Construction and installation of sewers and pipelines
  • Operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of sewers and pipelines
  • Testing and rehabilitation of large sewers and manholes
  • Principles of asset management and smart community infrastructure

Optional exam with certificate

Bert Bosseler during a presentation

Prof. Bert Bosseler, Scientific Director ofIKT, shares his university lectures with the participants of the IKT Masterclass

The course is open to all professionals. Attendees can take an optional exam to receive a certificate of “Successful attendance of IKT’s Masterclass Sewers and pipelines: construction, operation and maintenance”. The certificate summarizes the course content, its role in university studies at German Universities and confirms the successful result for the attendee.

IKT Masterclass

10-14 October 2016
Alternative dates:
– 30 January ‑ 3 February 2017
– 23-27 October 2017
Programme and registration




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