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IKT Comparative Test “Odour filters”

Posted 28. May 2010
What will help against nasty smells from sewers?

What will help against nasty smells from sewers?

In the summer months, in particular, odour emissions from sewers cause odour nuisances and thus higher levels of complaints from residents. Sewer-system operators are in general obliged to find a remedy for such problems.

Odour filters installed in waste-water manholes are coming into increasing use. In addition, further products which release special active ingredients in the waste-water manhole shaft are also used. The aim of this Comparative Test was that of testing the odour filters for waste-water manholes available on the market together with the participating sewer-system operators for their fluid permeability, cleaning performance and easy usability, and to perform a comparative assessment of their quality. Products which release special active ingredients into the waste-air leaving such waste-water manholes for the suppression of such odours were also tested.


IKT Comparative Test “Odour filters”
with supplementary testing of other products for use in waste-water manhole shafts in case of odour nuisance


(German versions only)
Table of results
Test Report (127 pages)
Short Report (31 pages)


  • Kiel (capital of state of Schlewig-Holstein) – urban drainage utility
  • City of Ahaus
  • City of Frankfurt am Main
  • Hamm urban drainage utility (Lippeverband water authority)
  • Hannoversch Münden urban drainage utility
  • Ludwigshafen urban drainage utility
  • Cologne urban drainage utilities
  • Düsseldorf urban drainage utility
  • Magdeburg municipal utilities
  • Leverkusen municipal utilities
  • Burscheid municipal utilities

Comparative Test participants

  • University of the German Federal Armed Forces, Munich, Institute of Water Resources
  • University of Stuttgart, Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management (ISWA)
  • University of Kassel, Department of Urban Water Management within the Institute for Water, Waste and Environmental Management (IWAU)


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