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IKT Comparative Test “Sewer lateral liners 2010”

Posted 15. May 2010

Overview: Samples from the Comparative Test, showing liners, pipe and escaped resin

Overview: Samples from the Comparative Test, showing liners, pipe and escaped resin

IKT has investigated the material quality and practical usability of CIPP liner products for sewer laterals in the context of an extensive programme of tests. Practically orientated tests performed in the test pipes at the IKT’s large-scale test facility were the focus of this programme. The IKT Comparative Test “Sewer lateral liners” provides drain/sewer operators with reliable and impartial information on the product properties of commercially available refurbishing procedures.


Comparative testing of the quality of refurbishing methods for sewer laterals II


(German versions only)
Table of results, “Standard situation”
Table of results, “Extreme situation”
Test report (188 pages)
Short report (34 pages)


Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection of the German Federal State of NRW

Participating sewer-system operators

6 x 6 pipess: Layout of the test lengths in IKT's large-scale test facility

6 x 6 pipes: Layout of the test lengths in IKT’s large-scale test facility

  • Stadtwerke Aachen AG (municipal utilities)
  • City of Alsdorf municipal technical utilities
  • City of Bielefeld
  • Bocholt disposal and service utility
  • City of Datteln
  • City of Detmold
  • Düsseldorf urban drainage utilities
  • Stadtwerke Essen AG (municipal utilities)
  • City of Gladbeck
  • Göttingen urban drainage utility
  • City of Hilden
  • Cologne urban drainage utilities
  • City of Lemgo
  • City of Monheim-on-the-Rhine
  • Schwalmtalwerke municipal utilities
  • KOWA Vorsfelde and district water authority
  • Wuppertaler Stadtwerke AG municipal utility


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Dipl.-Ing. (FH), MBA

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E: ulutas@ikt.de



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