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Sewer and Pipeline Engineering – Study material


Sewer construction site with excavator

Sewer and pipeline construction: The current state of science and technology

Numerous teaching materials are available here online for students of Ruhr-University Bochum and Leibniz University Hanover and for participants in IKT’s certification course “Sewer and Pipeline Engineering”.

The course content includes the following modules:

001 Introduction
002 Open construction practice
003 Structural safety of pipes (Open-cut method)
004a Soil and components: Flowable back-fill material
004b Soil and components: Reinforced-concrete pipes
004c Soil and components: Flexible pipes / Plastic pipes
005 Trenchless construction – Overview
006 Trenchless construction – Pipe jacking
007 Rehabilitation – Objectives and tasks
008 Rehabilitation – Replacement
009 Rehabilitation – Repair
010 Rehabilitation – Renovation
011 Structural integrity of liners
012 Bonding and surface preparation
013 Service-life of sewers and pipelines
014 Tightness testing of sewers and pipelines
015 Root resistance of sewers and pipelines
016 Heavy rainfall events


Study material

Video presentations

All lectures are provided by video clips on Youtube (in English), see:
Youtube channel “Sewer an Pipeline Engineering (Seminar)”

PDF downloads
(Access data will be issued during the course)

Textbook (all modules) (PDF file)

Slides of all modules (zip file, 50 MB)

Verbatim transcript of all video lectures (zip file, 26 MB)

All contents are relevant for the corresponding modules in the Master’s programme at the above-mentioned universities or for achieving the IKT certificate!

Students (Univ./IKT-Certificate) are welcome to contact me at any time. Please send a short email to bosseler@ikt.institute with your mobile phone number and I will contact you.


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