Comparative Tests

Comparative Tests

Experimental setup of pressure sewer pipes in the IKT large 1:1 scale test facility

IKT Comparative Test „ liners for pressure sewers“

November 2022

Table of results
Product test report






flowable backfill in test stand

Which flowable backfill best meets the requirements of sewer network owners? IKT has compared five candidates.

IKT Comparative Test „ Flowable Backfill in Sewer Construction“

September 2020

Table of results
Product test report (German)







man in manhole installing short liner

How do short liners perform? IKT figured it out in this IKT Compare project.

IKT Comparative Test „Short Liners for House Connections“

October 2018

Table of results







Flow-control device in test rig

The flow-control devices are tested in the laboratory under realistic, reproducible conditions.

IKT Comparative Test „Flow-control Devices“

February 2018

Table of results (German)
Article (German)







Schächte im Großversuchsstand

Can wastewater manholes be rehabilitated so that they remain permanently watertight?

IKT Comparative Test „Manhole Rehabilitation“

March 2016

Table of results







Dichter Stutzen im Betonrohr nach Reparatur

Tight lateral connection in concrete pipe

IKT Comparative Test „Repair Methods for Lateral Connections“

December 2014

table of results case 1: Lateral reconnection to a liner-rehabilitated main sewer

table of results case 2: Lateral connection repair in a non-rehabilitated main sewer






Further IKT Comparative Tests

Odour filters (April 2010)

CIPP liners for lateral pipes 2010 (March 2010)

Repair methods for main pipes (July 2009)

CIPP liners for lateral pipes (November 2005)

Inspection systems for domestic sewer networks (September 2005)

Repair methods for lateral connections (June 2004, updated with further tests Februar 2006)

Lateral connections (June 2002, updated with further tests May 2011)


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