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Advanced vocational training

Get ahead with training from IKT

Get ahead with training from IKT

Over the years, IKT has acquired a reputation as an institution for advanced vocational training. This includes the certification of consultants and sewer leak tightness inspectors. To get more information about IKT’s training (in German) please visit: www.ikt.de


In 2013 IKT teamed up with IRWA, the International Right of Way Association (USA), to develop joint courses and certication programs on “Managing the Crowded Underground”. Read more about IRWA

The same year a first series of webinars started successfully focussing on water related issues of asset management of underground infrastructure. Most of these sessions are available via youtube and you can follow them for free!
IRWA/IKT members are also entitled to obtain all presentations as pdf-files via IRWA University.

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IRWA/IKT Webinar “Asset Management of Underground Infrastructure”

IRWA(Water focus – recorded 2013-2014)


Introduction — Experience from Germany
IKT and IRWA introducing their webinar series. Manfred Fiedler from Göttingen presenting his famous Infrastructure Management Strategy for Göttingen Utilities and City Planning for the first time to an international audience.

Watch session via youtube

Session FRANCE

Olivier Thépot from Eau de Paris, France, presents current issues and solutions for the Paris underground sewer systems. The presentation is accompanied by live videos from IKT’s testing hall showing the MAC-device for inspection of large underground conduits and sewers.

Watch session via youtube


Session US-WERF

Connecting North America and Europe

Connecting North America and Europe

Walter Graf (WERF) and Sunil Sinha (Virginia Tech) presenting results from WERF Asset Mangement projects and introducing WaterID, a platform for the exchange of water relevant data.

Watch session via youtube



Francois Clemens, Professor at Delft University, presenting research results on infastructure management with a focus on inspection and hydraulics of sewer and drains.

Watch session via youtube



European and US experts presenting their experience on “Vegetation and Infrastructure” interacting in a joint webinar session from Germany and California.

Watch session via youtube




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