IKT LinerReport 2015:
Slight disappointment on wall thickness

Precision measurement necessary: wall thicknesses can differ

Precision measurement necessary: wall thicknesses can differ

IKT’s LinerReport ranks the performance of both CIPP contractors and individual lining systems. CIPP-liner samples from six countries were tested. Results are still at high level. Only wall thicknesses are more frequently below target. Most non-German companies also score well. The report includes Austrian, Czech, Dutch, German, Swiss and UK results.

The report is based on 2,150 CIPP-liner samples taken for quality-control purposes on project sites and tested by the IKT CIPP Liner Test Centre in 2015.

Quality also good outside Germany

For some good time now, more and more results obtained from foreign site samples have been incorporated into the IKT LinerReport. Conspicuous here is the fact that, with a few exceptions, liner types supplied by German producers are mainly used abroad, too, and that the installation quality closely approaches that of the German refurbishing contractors. With only a few exceptions, foreign contractors were well able to hold their own against their German counterparts in the 2015 LinerReport.

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