Project F219:
Effects of sewer sealing on treatment plants and water balance

sewer-sealing-effects-treatmant-plants-water-balance-320The effects of high extraneous-water influxes on the following are to be investigated:

  • waste-water treatment performance
  • treatment-plant energy balance
  • the burden on the water environment caused by combined sewer overflow systems

The costs caused by extraneous water are to be compared against the costs for refurbishing of sewers and site-drainage pipes. The sustainability of the refurbishing materials and methods used are also to be examined.

Possible problems for buildings and vegetation caused by rises in the water table as a result of sewer sealing projects are also to be recorded. The data and information determined will be verified in practice in a specific municipality.

The aim of this research project is to draft proposals for refurbishing requirements, which can then be used by the decision-making bodies as a basis for the redrafting of the Waste Water Ordinance.

Project title

“Sewer sealing: Effects on treatment-plant cleaning performance and on the local water balance”

Project management

IKT ‑ Institute for Underground Infrastructure

Project participants

  • Pirker + Pfeiffer Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG, Münsingen consultant engineers
  • University of Bochum, Institute of Environmental Engineering and Building Ecology
  • University of the German Federal Armed Forces, Munich, Institute of Hydrosciences, Sanitary Engineering and Waste Management
  • University of the German Federal Armed Forces, Munich, Institute of Hydrosciences, Water Resources Management and Resources Engineering


Federal German Environmental Agency (UBA)


Thomas Brüggemann

T: +49 (0) 209 17806-18