IKT introduces: New Member TOA, Japan

ikt-foerderverein-toa-grout-logo-320IKT introduces TOA GROUT KOGYO Co., Ltd., Japan, as a new member of the IKT-Association of Industry and Service.

Sewer pipe rehabilitation with Seamless Liner

Sewer pipe rehabilitation with SEAMLESS LINER. Host pipe: DN600, Length: 70m; Wall thickness: 14mm

TOA was established in 1958, at the early stage of high economic growth period of Japan. Sewer pipe rehabilitation with SEAMLESS LINER has become the core business for TOA in the last few years. In 2014 TOA has installed 15.000 m of its SEAMLESS LINER.

Soil and Sewers

In 1958 the first core business field was soil strengthening with chemical grouting method and contributed to the construction of underground structure such as subway transportation network. In the 1980’s, TOA entered into the second core business field of slope protection with the ground anchoring method utilizing its experice of soil strengthening technology. It introduced new methods into this field, such as PUC method, ground anchoring combined with prefabricated bearing plates for slope protection, and RING-NETS barrier made with high-tensile steel wire mesh for rock fall protection.

We are very excited to become a member of IKT, and looking forward to working with IKT and the other members.
Yuzo Ooka, President of TOA GROUT KOGYO Co., Ltd.

High tensile steel mesh barrier for rockfall protection

High tensile steel mesh barrier for rockfall protection. Energy absorption: 150hj, Height: 4m, Length: 65m

Moreover, TOA also recognized the potential growth of rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure, and entered into the third core business field of underground pipeline rehabillitation. It has introduced many new technologies such as SEAMLESS LINER (UV curing CIPP liner), SNAP LOCK (partial repair method of joints and cracks), SmartBall (water leakage detection with acoustic emission), ICE PIGGING (pipeline cleaning with slush ice) and PRIMUSLINE (high-strength flexible hose) into this business field in Japan.


2-10-3 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004 JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-3355-6200
Fax: +81-3-3355-6201
E-mail: inquiry@toa-g.co.jp
Website: www.toa-g.co.jp


IKT-Association of Industry and Service

This association comprises the range of organisations in network operators supply chains including those in construction, product supply, engineering consultancies, specialist service providers, and institutes and organisations, without whose products and services pipelines could not be constructed, renovated or operated.
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